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Safety on the tip of tongue We are in action: "Yinying" has passed the safety certification of food contact products.

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2019/07/01 09:10
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Safety on the tip of tongue We are in action: "Yinying" Company has passed the series of food contact Shandong Yinying Cooking Machinery Co., Ltd. and dough machine, steamed bread machine, multi-purpose vegetable cutter, automatic noodle press, noodle machine, dishwasher, potato peeler, meat cutter, meat grinder, through the strict "product inspection + initial workers" of the third party authority. The requirement of factory inspection + supervision after certification and other certification regulations, on March 21, was awarded the certificate of "food contact product safety certificate" issued by China Quality Certification Center. The people take food as their heaven and food as their first priority. As a food-related product, cooking machinery has attracted much attention from the society. Over the years, Yinying Company has been devoting itself to the development of commercial cooking equipment, with customer satisfaction as its eternal pursuit. Vigorously implement voluntary certification of food contact product safety. At present, with the one-time certification of eight major series of leading products, Yinying products have entered a safe, intelligent, efficient, high-quality, green mode in an all-round way. "Leading the industry, casting the Silver Eagle for a hundred years", we will take this opportunity to further develop "industry-leading high-end, intelligent, green complete sets of equipment", constantly meet the needs of consumers, and make greater contributions to the development of the industry. Product Safety Certification